The Haiku: "What am I?"

 Well, well, well... Here's one of the most popular poetry forms... and one of the shortest. 

I remember writing so many haiku in school. However, I don't actually remember how I wrote them.

What are haikus?

According to Grammarly, my partner this week, "haiku are short, unrhymed poems that adhere to a specific three-line, seventeen-syllable format. The form originated in Japan, but today people across the globe read and write haiku in many different languages. Because of different languages’ unique syllabic and grammatical structures, haiku have slightly different formats from language to language." The seventeen-syllable format is first line=5, second line=7, and third line=5. 

Did you know that 'haiku' was actually 'hokku' and part of collaboration poems called 'renga'? 

Did you know that the plural form for haiku can be haiku and haikus?

Just for fun, I watched this YouTube video, and it was very helpful. 

I followed Ms. Drought's prompt: "Who am I?" 

Also, I've decided to make this week's post more interactive. Please feel free to guess the subject of each haiku.

Haiku 1
Awake when asleep,
The wisdom above all birds,
Cute but killer eyes.

Haiku 2
Breaking your silence,
but still coming from your mouth
the use of language.

Haiku 3
The golden lantern
Is what paints the canvas sky
And lights up the world.

Haiku 4
Nature's monochrome,
gentle giants love cuddles,
Love to eat bamboo.

Haiku 5
Moving images dance,
Remote control in my hand,
Late-night flickering.

Haiku 6
Metallic stallion,
And highway serenading
Leaving tracks on road.

I think this is the goofiest I've been while writing poetry. I really needed this break from complex poetry forms. However, I do believe that I should revisit haiku later and write one that's unlike the 6 I made this week. 

See you next time!


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